New Places Popping up in LBNY!

Since Hurricane Sandy has devastated my small town of Long Beach, NY it has been hard for both local residents and business owners to make a comeback. The high price of rebuilding, elevating homes and increases in flood insurance have contributed to a change in my community. Only recently have I begun to see new businesses opening and one area in particular that was hit the hardest is making the biggest comeback, The West End. I have discovered some amazing new restaurants in the West End. Last week I had a delicious dinner at Grotto del Fuoco located at 960 W. Beech Street. The menu is inventive, fresh and the thin oven fresh pizza is the perfect ending to a day spent on the beaches of Long Beach. After going for dinner at Grotto,  stop by next door at Pammy Cake Creations. If you missed the deconstructed apple pie after your pizza bring home a cupcake that is a serious work of art. She makes the most beautiful cupcakes that look like sand was sprinkled on top with iridescent seashells and starfish. If you live in the New York City area, this summer come visit us at the beach. From Penn Station to LB it is only a 50 minute ride on the Long Island Railroad. I’ll be the one with a bike basket filled with cupcakes.


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