Munching My Way Through Montreal

IMG_1669IMG_1678This past weekend I went to Montreal, Canada to watch a hockey game with my family.  Of course as I always do, I ate my way through the city. However, my 21- Day Fix arrived in the mail today. I had to enjoy everything before I start on this program. I had to try Poutine while I was in Canada as it seems to be a local favorite. The only thing I can compare it to is what we call “disco fries.” You know those fries with gravy and melted cheese we used to get from diners when we were headed home from a night in a club?  The cheese curds had the same mild taste and texture as mozzarella cheese. Although it does sound ordinary, the restaurant we tried them in called 3 Brasseurs has poutine down to an art. There are three locations in Montreal. We ate at the one in Old Montreal and knocked down some locally brewed beer to go with it. Here is the link if you are ever in

I also visited the most adorable and charming chocolate shop called Divine Chocolatier located at 2158 Crescent. Frommer’s travel guide stated that,  “A visit to Divine Chocolatier is like stepping into a fine chocolate shop from the past.” I’m no Frommer but I do agree. The shop even had an old fashioned brass cash register and little old- fashioned ice cream chairs. The gentleman working ,whom I assume was the owner informed me that all of the chocolates are made on the premises and made in small batches. I probably tried them all- champagne truffles, almond bark, hazelnut and praline chocolates. They were all delicious. I am going to contact them to see if they would ship to the United  If not, I’ll have to wait until I return next year. Until then, I’ll try to get through my 21-day Fix and drink my shakes. Up next, Turks and Caicos where I will hide under my muumuu if I don’t stick to this plan.  🙂



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