The Door to Sanity

In November I started a new fitness class, Pilates at Body Language Pilates in Long Beach,NY. I had tried mat Pilates in the past and remembered how my core was on fire for a week. I bridged, pumped and toe tapped until I felt like road kill on a mat. On Instagram I followed the progression of the studio until it opened and I went for a private class with Lori, the owner of the studio. Immediately I felt comfortable around her. She has a very cool vibe and is not intimidating like many instructors can be. I was introduced to the reformer and began gentle movements of my arms and spine. It felt so good to move my body in these ways. The Peloton is a great cardio and leg workout but I needed a balance. I found a great balance here! After some private sessions I was able to join the class. The “organization” of my posture, knowledge of Pilates terms and all over confidence I gained through Lori made me feel great about myself and my capabilities. I am a new person and feel like my weight loss and fitness accomplishments make me an overall better person mentally and physically. Now my good buddy Colleen joins me for Pilates twice a week. You know what we do after??? We eat! There’s no free lunch as Katie Lee says.


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