Small Scale Victories


It’s the eve of a new year, the day when you assess where you’ve been and what direction to go next. I’ve conquered my last 20 years of resolutions, losing weight. It was a really difficult process which I combined both diet ( my own version of Weight Watchers) and a regular exercise routine. Keeping the weight off has been more of a challenge and after a very stressful end of the year which included my step daughters wedding, estrangement from my family,father in laws illness which has had an effect on my husbands overall physical and mental health…..well you can fill in the rest.
In 2019 I am going to get back on track and will get rid of the holiday and stress related weight gain. The fact is when you lose a large amount of weight people take bets on how long you can keep it off but I’m betting on me. Hopefully 2019 will bring me back to focusing a little more on myself and my small victories. Yesterday I began tracking my food again, I rode my Peloton and this morning I took a walk around the neighborhood using the Peloton app. I’ll celebrate more of my positive choices rather than wallowing in the negative. Happy New Year and this year YOU DO YOU!!

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